Weekly Q&A and Progress Update — 6/18/2019


Weekly Q&A and Progress Update — 6/18/2019

Hello everybody. Here's this week's Q&A thread, where you can ask questions about the experience, what I'm working on, what my plans are for upcoming features, etc. - basically anything that's not tech support.

What I'm working on

At the moment, I'm focusing exclusively on preparation for Season 2 & version 4.0.6, which will be the last release for the 4.0.x series (and the version that I'll be playing for the first episodes of Season 2).

Because 4.0.6 is the last in the series, it's the version that will be express installable for free once 4.1.0 drops - so I want to ensure it's as polished as possible.

UI & Controls Overhaul

The first big addition to 4.0.6 is the UI & Controls Overhaul, which I've eagerly anticipated for some time now. iEquip is nearing release, along with an updated version of Gamepad++, which means I can finally implement the UI & control changes I've planned for a long while. (For those who don't know, iEquip & Gamepad++ are the creations of the illustrious Dunc Smith, whose work I believe will revolutionize UI & controls in Skyrim. It's seriously that good.)

For this overhaul of UI & controls, my major design goals were to:

  • Display critical information clearly & intuitively, such as vital attributes, status effects, equipment condition, remaining consumables, etc.

  • Reduce eye travel between UI elements

  • Increase readability of textual UI elements

  • Organize UI elements according to the control scheme - particularly important for Gamepad support

  • Reduce UI "clutter" & non-critical elements, such as the compass, clock widgets, superfluous textual notifications, etc.

  • Create a sleek, unobtrusive, and unified general design that maintains immersion & makes efficient use of screen real estate

To accomplish this task, I used a combination of iEquip, Gamepad++, Less Intrusive HUD II, Immersive HUD, moreHUD, SkyUI, iNeed, Loot & Degradation, Frostfall, Wearable Lanterns, Easy Wheel Menu, Realistic Torches, Improved Arjestin Font, and A Matter of Time.

With the help of these mods, Dunc Smith, user /u/hazardoss, and after a lot of tweaking & finagling, I'm pleased to present the new Ultimate Skyrim UI, which will launch in 4.0.6:


There's a lot to take in here, so feel free to ask if you have any questions about the new UI and/or controls, and how this all functions. Feel free to leave any general comments & questions as well, and I'll reply to whatever I can, as soon as I can.

Love, BB

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