Weekly Q&A and Progress Update — 7/19/2019


Weekly Q&A and Progress Update — 7/19/2019

Hello everybody. Here's this week's Q&A thread, where you can ask questions about the experience, what I'm working on, what my plans are for upcoming features, etc. - basically anything that's not tech support.

What I'm working on

I dedicated nearly all of this week to the Prologue for Season 2 of the UltSky Let's Play. My original intention was to release the entire prologue in one video, but as the scope of the story expanded, I frankly ran out of time - and so I decided to release the prologue in two parts.

You can watch Part One by clicking this link.

Part Two is on the docket for next week, along with 4.0.6, so you can safely expect both by end of day next Saturday (7/27). I believe (hope) you guys will find them worth the wait! ;)

As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions below, and I'll get to everything I can as soon as I can.

Love, BB

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