Release (6/14/19) - Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.5


Release (6/14/19) - Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.5

Happy Friday everybody!

This is a fairly sizable bugfixing patch that should address the major issues in 4.0.4. It includes a revamp to crafting stations, a fix for the bug blocking Main Quest progression, and other fixes & improvements. Make sure to check out the full changelog for a comprehensive list of changes.

There are still a handful of minor bugs I’d like to address before moving on to 4.1.x, so stay tuned for another bugfixing patch in the coming weeks - after which it’s full speed ahead to 4.1.0. :)

Please note that new versions of Ultimate Skyrim are not intended to work with old saves, and using old saves with newer versions is likely to cause issues that our support team cannot address. (That said, you’re welcome to try if you like.)

Express Install Update Instructions:

Note: This will install a totally new instance of Ultimate Skyrim on your computer. This requires more disk space, but is arguably the easiest update method.

  1. Starting with Step Two, repeat the process on the Express Install page.

  2. Repeat the processes on the Final Steps page.

Manual Update instructions:

Note: These instructions are for installing the update on your current instance of Ultimate Skyrim. This is a more complex update method - proceed at your own risk, and consider backing up your install first.

  1. Download and install DynDOLOD Resources 2.64 from this link.

  2. In your Modlist (Left Pane), place the new version of DynDOLOD in the same position as the old DynDOLOD version & untick the old version.

  3. Download and install Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.5 from this link.

  4. In your Modlist (Left Pane), place the new version of Ultimate Skyrim in the same position as the old Ultimate Skyrim version & untick the old version.

  5. In your Load Order (Right Pane), drag and drop “RTSSDNDSS.esp” into its new location, as specified by the Official Load Order. (Right above ETaC - Complete.esp.)

  6. Remove the mods “Not So Fast - Main Quest”, “Horses Gone Wild”, “Campfire Shrines”, “Religion”, and “Religion 2.0.6 Hotfix”.

  7. Re-run the Reqtificator, DynDOLOD patcher, and Automatic Variants patcher using the guide on the Final Steps page.

  8. Open the MCM for Sleep Tight and change Options > NPCs > Friendly Sleepwear to “Naked”.

  9. Open the MCM for iNeed and untick Difficulty > World > Valued Harvests.

Full Changelog:

Mod Updates

  • Ultimate Skyrim has been updated to 4.0.5.

  • DynDOLOD has been updated to 2.64.

  • EFF has replaced iAFT as the default follower mod in the Express Install.

Mod Removals

  • Not So Fast - Main Quest has been removed. This fixes Delphine’s broken AI after retrieving the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, and allows the main quest to progress.

    • I did manage to “fix” the bug without removing NSF-MQ, but I could not restore the dialogue about renting the “attic room” without breaking the quest. I felt this dialogue was important to include, since the “attic room” is Delphine’s clever way of identifying the Dragonborn.
      I opted to remove the mod so that this dialogue could be preserved, and because most of NSF-MQ’s functionality is bypassed anyway by Skyrim Unbound. (The only remaining functionality from NSF-MQ was the optional bypassing of negotiations in Season Unending, and US’ official MCM instructions do not utilize this bypass anyway.)

  • Horses Gone Wild has been removed. Fare thee well, friend - you tried your best!

  • Religion & the Religion Hotfix have been removed in preparation for new religion mechanics in 4.1.x, and to fix the currently broken religion mechanics in 4.0.x. Religion mechanics will be default Requiem until 4.1.x.

  • Campfire Shrines has been removed in preparation for new religion mechanics in 4.1.x.

New Features

  • The crafting menus have been reworked to improve performance and usability. It is highly recommended to use the SkyUI search function when crafting.

    • Using a crafting station will only display recipes from that station. For example, using a Cooking Pot will only show Cooking Pot recipes. (Keep in mind that crafting stations will only show recipes if you have the requisite perks.)

    • The Crafting Ledger still displays all recipes, and allows dynamic crafting by scanning for nearby stations. (Please note that the list of visible recipes will be greatly reduced with the introduction of Blueprints in 4.1.x, since the player must collect Blueprints to unlock recipes.)

  • All items requiring Strange Brew now contain the string “(Strange Brew)” in their name, so their recipes can be easily located via SkyUI’s search function when the player has imbibed Strange Brew.

  • The Craftsmanship perk is no longer required for crafting Powdered Mudcrab Chitin.

  • Bryling the Solitude jeweler has expanded her inventory with a much greater variety of jewelry.

  • Several apiaries have been replaced with proprietary versions with greater bee/honeycomb yields. Future updates will replace all apiaries with these proprietary versions for maximum consistency.

  • iNeed’s “Valued Harvests” feature has been disabled; instead, all crops & harvestables around the world have been assigned proper ownership, and are purchaseable directly from the farmers who own the crops. (If you encounter any crops that aren’t owned when they should be, please report them on Discord.)

    • I made this choice for a couple of reasons. I found through testing that “Valued Harvests” allowed crop purchasing even when farmers weren’t around (for example, at 3 AM), despite iNeed’s purport that crops could only be purchased from 8 AM to 8 PM. Also, “Valued Harvests” did not display the crop’s price before purchase. Since Farmers already sell their crops through the standard vendor interface (thanks to Realistic Trading Stocks of Skyrim), I figured it was best to disable “Valued Harvests” altogether & assign proper ownership to all planted crops instead.

Bug Fixes

  • NPC’s no longer utilize dynamic crafting (i.e. scanning for nearby crafting stations). This prevents unnecessary lag.

  • Horses from Expanded Towns and Cities are no longer purchaseable for less than their intended cost.

  • Tanning Racks from Campfire & Atronach Crossing now display the proper recipes.

  • Crafting stations from Campfire & Atronach Crossing now register properly with the Crafting Ledger.

  • Recipes now display properly for Wooden Torches, Leather, and Fur Plates.

  • Recipes now display properly for converting Ingots to Fragments and Fragments to Ingots.

  • Ore recipes will display properly regardless of CCOR’s MCM settings.

  • Dirt textures from Bathing in Skyrim have been de-oranged. (Thanks Gatonegro)

  • Hiring Blacksmiths will no longer level the player’s skills.

  • The missing floor in the Abandoned Prison has been restored, along with some nearby clipping water. (Thanks Nathan!)

  • A floating door has been removed from Falkreath Hold. (Thanks Nathan & Novo)

  • A mysterious magical slab in Morthal has been relocated to prevent clipping. What purpose could it serve? ;)

  • The clipping drawbridge in Morthal has been removed.

  • The MCM for Sleep Tight has been adjusted so that sleeping NPC’s will no longer wear helmets/boots/gauntlets.

  • Unique capes & cloaks like The Cape of Red Eagle no longer display incorrect information in their tooltip & in the Active Effects menu.

  • The Traveler’s Light Blade can now cast its spell as intended.

  • Summoning spells from Realistic Trading Stocks of Skyrim have been renamed to bring them in line with Requiem’s summons.

  • The keyword “VendorItemBardInstrument” has been properly forwarded to relevant items.

  • The Crafting Table at Dragon Bridge no longer clips with the nearby Tanning Rack.

  • The Barter Fix SKSE Plugin is now included with Ultimate Skyrim to prevent the bug where players receive no gold when trading with merchants who have very large gold reserves. (Thanks to mod author kassent for allowing this integration.!)

  • Added missing breakdown recipes for Flawless pelts.

  • Broken breakdown recipes have been fixed for Pelt: Cave Bear Cub (Fine).

  • Removed duplicate recipes for Eidar & Goat Cheese Wheels.

  • Cheese wheels no longer separate into wedges/slices automatically when consumed, and can instead be separated manually through the Crafting Ledger (or consumed whole).

  • Vendors no longer sell the (now obsolete) recipes for Healing Poultices.

  • Fixed incorrect naming of a few Holy Amulet Replicas.

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