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A new roleplaying experience, delivered.

Ultimate Skyrim is a total conversion modpack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, built around the Requiem Roleplaying Overhaul. It transforms Skyrim into an immersive and unforgiving landscape, where only the strong and the clever survive.

Through the combined talent of the Skyrim modding community, every part of the game has been rebuilt, including combat, progression, factions, the economy, the visuals, and more. There are new lands to explore, new enemies to fight, new items to craft, and new mechanics to master, resulting in a deeply simulated Skyrim experience unlike any other.

The modpack is simple to install through our highly detailed installation guide, or you can become a member on Patreon for express auto-installation. (Free auto-installation is available for older versions, so you can try the experience for yourself before subscribing.)

"I've spent more time on US than I've spent on any other game for the last 7 years. This is a massive, hardcore survival experience you won't find in any other game. I'm amazed at how intricate and complex the game is now, and challenging!" - Heladan

"Ultimate Skyrim forces you to take Skyrim not as a theme-park built to accommodate you, but as a world that will murder you if you do not take it seriously. It really forces you to inhabit Bethesda's creation, and lets Bethesda's work shine more than their own version." - EveningRip

After years of spending nights adding & removing mods, ruining saves and game files, I was done… but US changed it all. The installation guide was so complete and well made… Hundreds of hours playing became a thousand, with no crashing. Astonishing.” - T3tsu00

[Ultimate Skyrim] made me feel like I’m playing Baldur’s Gate for the first time again. Like I’m playing Morrowind for the first time again. Like I’m playing Skyrim for the first time again. Ultimate Skyrim allowed me to forget everything… it felt like I was completely there.” - Destroykin


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