This page exists to credit the many individuals and institutions that helped create Ultimate Skyrim. Thanks for taking the time to peruse here - it means a lot!

If you'd like to contribute to Ultimate Skyrim and its benefactors, visit the Donate page for a list of donation resources. You can also donate to individual Mod Authors through the section below.

Mods & Mod Authors

Ultimate Skyrim is comprised of over 300 mods, each painstakingly crafted by a Mod Author hoping to improve the game of Skyrim for themselves & their fellow players. The cumulative work in this modpack spans thousands of hours, and we are truly indebted to the Skyrim Modding Community for every hour and every minute of that work.

Below is a full list of the Mods & Mod Authors whose works are included in Ultimate Skyrim, as well as any Donation Links for supporting the modders directly. You can sort the list by Mod or Author using the tabs at the bottom of the window.

Integrated Mods

Thanks to the following Mod Authors for allowing their works to be directly integrated into Ultimate Skyrim.

FOMOD installer & bugfixes - elgatoenlaluna
Requiem Patches - TheTrader
Skyrim Unbound - chinagreenelvis
ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer - kapaer
Dragon Resistance and Mix Armor Tweaks - Noxcrab
Requiem: Minor Arcana - Axonis
Requiem Telescope Patch - Inari Whitebear (pinkishu)
Real Shelter Dawn of Skyrim & ETaC Patches - kojak747
Tent Textures - Langley
Ruin Puzzle Textures - raiserfx
Simple Follower Mount - Disi30
SkyTEST .esm Plugin - etayorius
Improved Fish USLEEP - Blitz54
Silver-Blood Inn Lighting Fix for RRR/ELFX - GalenZ
ENB Subsurface Scattering & Particle Patch - mindflux
Brigandage Requiem Patch - aNoobinDisguise
Barter Fix (SKSE Plugin) - kassent

Special Thanks

Extra special thanks to:

  • The Ultimate Skyrim team, without whom this project would be a shell of itself

  • Our support team, without whom we would all be insane by now

  • Our beta testers, without whom this project would not work at all

  • Our players, who suffered through the previous installation process ;)

  • My darling fiancée Liz, who is my greatest inspiration, my rock in times of hardship, and my best friend always

  • Tyler Weitz for designing the website, the intro, the branding, and virtually everything else in UltSky that actually looks good

  • My friends & family for their continuous love & support

  • You, for your interest in the project! <3