Donation Links

This page contains various ways to support Ultimate Skyrim and those who contribute to the project. If you’d like to support Mod Authors individually, please visit the Credits page for a full list of Mod Authors & their respective donation options.

Belmont Boy Patreon

The Belmont Boy Patreon is the most direct way to support Ultimate Skyrim. Rewards start as low as $1 per month, and Members paying $5 per month or more receive Express Installation for the latest version of Ultimate Skyrim. Patrons also receive coupon codes for merch, access to exclusive community events, and more.

5% of each month’s Patreon proceeds go directly to the Nexus Mod Author Donation Fund.


Nexus mod author donation fund

The Nexus Mod Author Donation Fund is a Patreon operated by Nexus Mods to help fund their Donation Points system. (Click here for an explanation of the Donation Points system, and how Mod Authors benefit.)


Automaton patreon

The Automaton Patreon directly funds the development of Metherul’s Automaton Framework - a revolutionary tool for simplifying modpack installation, and the tool that makes Ultimate Skyrim’s Express Installation possible. The Automaton Framework is open source, and anyone can use it to install or create modpacks.


xedit patreon

The xEdit / ElminsterAU Patreon directly funds the development of xEdit - an invaluable modding tool that Ultimate Skyrim relies upon. The lead developer of xEdit, ElminsterAU, uses the proceeds from this Patreon to supplant the money he’d otherwise receive from paid work (which he cannot do while working on xEdit).