Express Install (Free)

This page will guide you through the free express install for Ultimate Skyrim.

Make sure to read all instructions carefully. If you’re unsure about any part of the guide, feel free to ask the Community for support.

WARNING: The Express Install does not currently support Windows 7. If you’re using Windows 7, it’s recommended to use the Manual Install.

Approximate time required from this point: 1-3 hours (depending on modding experience & internet speed)

STEP one: INSTALL automaton

Our first task is to install Automaton, the modpack auto-installer by Metherul that makes this wizardry possible.

  1. Download the latest build of Automaton from the GitHub releases page. (You’ll want the .zip, as shown here. It’s okay if the version number is different.)

  2. Copy the files to a location of your choosing - preferably on the same drive as your Skyrim installation.

Automaton is a revolutionary tool that simplifies installation for modpacks like Ultimate Skyrim. Click here to support Automaton's development on Patreon.

Step TWO: DOWNLOAD THE modpack file

The Express Install file will tell Automaton how to install Ultimate Skyrim. Choose one of the following options according to your preferred control device, then place it in the same folder as your Automaton install.

This file contains all the instructions Automaton needs to properly install UltSky.

STEP THREE: run automaton

Our next task is to run Automaton and tell it where to install Ultimate Skyrim.

  1. Navigate to your Automaton folder and run Automaton.exe.

  2. Click “Load Modpack”, and select the modpack file from Step Two.

  3. Click the Magnifying Glass next to “Install Folder”, and choose a location to install Ultimate Skyrim - preferably on the same drive as your Skyrim installation.

  4. Click the Magnifying Glass next to “Mod Download Folder”, and choose where to store your downloaded mods - preferably on the same drive as your Skyrim installation.

  5. Click “Next”.

  6. Click “Login”, and authorize Nexus Mods to access your Nexus account.

Now we're ready to download some mods!

STEP FOUR: download mods

Automaton will help you download the mods utilized by Ultimate Skyrim. Move through the list of mods, downloading as you go.

Automaton provides download links for each mod, or you can enable auto-downloading if you’re a Nexus Premium member. (Auto-downloading is a Nexus feature, and is not included or affiliated with Ultimate Skyrim.)

IMPORTANT: Ultimate Skyrim & Wyrmstooth must be downloaded manually. You can point Automaton towards these downloads using the File & Magnifying Glass button.

When you’ve finished downloading mods & Automaton says "Ready to Install", you’re ready to install Ultimate Skyrim.


Automaton will now install Ultimate Skyrim.

  1. Click “Install Modpack”.

  2. Once Ultimate Skyrim successfully installs, close Automaton.

Congratulations! Ultimate Skyrim is now installed, along with a fresh instance of Mod Organizer 2. Only a few final steps remain before you’re ready to play!

Click the button below to finalize your install.