Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6 Hotfix 1



Low Impact

Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6

by: Belmont Boy & The Ultimate Skyrim Team

The final piece of the puzzle! Ultimate Skyrim patches all the mods to work together, and also contains its own proprietary changes.

This mod must be manually installed. Download the file for your preferred control device, click "Install a new mod from an archive" in the top left of Mod Organizer (button with a box & disc), then select the file you downloaded.

Also that Ultimate Skyrim contains many Optional Patches. If you chose not to install a patched mod, untick its patch in your Load Order - else you will receive a "Missing Masters" error in Mod Organizer.


Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6 hf 1 (Gamepad)
Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6 hf 1 (Keyboard)

Dylan Perry