Weekly Q&A and Progress Update — 7/5/2019


Weekly Q&A and Progress Update — 7/5/2019

Hello everybody. Here's this week's Q&A thread, where you can ask questions about the experience, what I'm working on, what my plans are for upcoming features, etc. - basically anything that's not tech support.

What I'm working on

As most of you know, this week I pushed back the release of Season 2 Episode 1 to July 19th. My sincerest apologies for the delay, but as I said in the video, I believe this extra time was necessary to ensure that Season 2 (and by extension, 4.0.6) are of the highest quality they can be.

I spent most of the previous week finalizing the new control schemes for both the keyboard and the gamepad, and thanks to the combination of iEquip, Gamepad++, and other UI mods, Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6 will feature gamepad support out of the box (and I'm quite proud of the new controls, to be honest!)

I also started formally penning the backstory for Season 2's character, which has been quite the effort, but is also coming along nicely. This backstory will be explained in an intro video preceding S1:E1, and I plan for both videos to drop on July 19th.

I plan to spend this next week almost exclusively on the final bugfixes and features for 4.0.6, after which I'll be putting together the intro video for Season 2, and practicing my gamer skillz before finally recording and uploading S1:E1.

As always, feel free to leave any comments or questions, and I'll get to everything I can as soon as I can.

Love, BB

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