Release (8/7/19) - Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6 Hotfix 1


Release (8/7/19) - Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6 Hotfix 1

Happy Wednesday everybody!

I’m proud to present Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6 hf 1. This hotfix fixes the control issues with the previous gamepad & keyboard control schemes, improves the UI with some minor tweaks, addresses the remaining major bugs in 4.0.6, and adds a few new additional features.

Make sure to read the changelog for a full list of changes, and if you encounter any issues, please report them on the Discord or the Subreddit.

Release Resources

Express Install Update Instructions

This update method will install a totally new instance of Ultimate Skyrim on your computer. This requires more disk space, but is arguably the easiest update method.

  1. Starting with Step Two, repeat the process on the Express Install page.

  2. Repeat the processes on the Final Steps page.

Manual Update Instructions

This update method will update your current instance of Ultimate Skyrim. This is a more complex update method - proceed at your own risk, and consider backing up your install first.

  1. Download and install the updated versions of mods listed under “Updated Mods” below, then remove their old versions. (Right-click in MO and select “Remove Mod”.)

  2. Make any changes specified under “Adjusted Mods” below. (FOMODs can be adjusted by re-installing mods. Right-click a mod in MO and select “Reinstall Mod”.)

  3. Download and install the Ultimate Skyrim 4.0.6 hf1 Mod Files. (Make sure to select your preferred control device.)

  4. Organize the mods in your Modlist (MO Left Pane) according to the 4.0.6 hf1 Official Modlist.

  5. Organize the plugins in your Load Order (MO Right Pane) according to the 4.0.6 hf1 Official Load Order.

  6. Delete any files contained within MO’s “Overwrite” folder (located in Mod Organizer 2 > overwrite).

  7. Starting with Step Three, repeat the process on the Final Steps page.

  8. Run the game, and follow the updated MCM instructions to configure your new save.

Full Changelog

Updated Mods

  • Nether’s Follower Framework: Updated to 2.4.1.

  • Ultimate Skyrim: Updated to 4.0.6 Hotfix 1.

Adjusted Mods

  • JContainers: Moved lower in the modlist.

  • PapyrusUtil: Moved lower in the modlist.

New Features

  • There are now two separate Express Install files: one for keyboard users, and one for gamepad users. This should reduce confusion & tweaking for keyboard users who have no interest in gamepad controls, and vice versa.

  • Nearly all UI elements will fade when irrelevant/not in use, and several UI elements were slightly adjusted for even better usability/readability.

  • Many keys have been rebound for both Keyboard & Gamepad, and the Easy Wheel Menu has been expanded with additional commands. This should create a better user experience for both control methods. Please refer to the resources above for a full display of the new controls.

  • The camera has been overhauled with new settings for exploration, combat, and sneaking.

  • Edited the enblocal.ini instructions to remove keybinds for the Frame Limiter & VRAM unlocker. (Thanks dantemp for the suggestion)

  • The dirt textures from Bathing in Skyrim are now slightly more visible. Make sure to wash behind your ears!

Bug Fixes

  • The provided ini files have been corrected to utilize the intended FOV of 90 instead of 80. Keep in mind that raising the FOV may drop a few frames for some users, and select your ini preset accordingly.

  • The new batch of invisible mudcrabs have been made visible again.

  • The SkyUI default value for item stacking has been reset to 10, to allow stack selling.

  • Carry Weight bonuses from pouches, bandoliers, etc. are properly hardcoded and no longer tied to the CCOR MCM slider.

  • Fixed an issue where Backpacks were no longer displaying items dynamically, such as tents, waterskins, etc.

  • Fixed a bug where players could find themselves teleporting to a previous cell when using functions from Spell Research & Train and Study. (Thanks KBeazy for patching this!)

  • Quest items will no longer be removed from the player's inventory on death. (Thanks Hazard for this fix!)

  • Players can once again die from hypothermia as intended. (Another thanks to Hazard!)

  • The Customizable Camera FOV slider now functions properly. (Another thanks to Hazard - sensing a trend?)

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